Criminal defense attorney on where Heather Elvis murder investigation goes from here

Heather Elvis

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Murder charges have been dropped against Sidney and Tammy Moorer, so News13 reached out to the Horry County Police Department, to see what comes next in the Heather Elvis murder investigation.

Police said it is an open investigation, but would not comment any further, due to the gag order in this case, so we reached out to a local criminal defense attorney to get his perspective.

Stuart Axelrod isn’t connected to the case, but he’s followed it for the past two years.

Axelrod said he was not surprised about the dropped charges because of the evidence presented in court.

Horry County Police say Heather Elvis was kidnapped and killed in December 2013; her body, though, has never been found.

Prosecutors presented a timeline of the night heather disappeared using cell phone records. Showing calls made between Heather and Sydney Moorer.

Investigators said surveillance video from around the same time showed a car coming from the direction of the Moorer’s house, to the boat landing, and back.

“If they arrested the wrong people, they should have dealt with this a long time ago. I would be curious to know what information they had yesterday, that made them dismiss it yesterday, instead of a year ago,” said Axelrod.

Axelrod said if more evidence is brought to light, the solicitor’s office can bring the case back, but if not, he thinks all the charges should be dropped.

“A lot of lives were damaged I think Heather Elvis’ family pinned all their hopes on the Moorers’ being prosecuted and the Moorers’ if they’re not guilty they’re whole lives were disrupted,” said Axle

An obstruction of justice charge against Tammy Moorer and charges of indecent exposure against the couple have been dismissed.

Both are still charged with kidnapping while Sidney Moorer also faces an obstruction of justice charge.

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