Tidelands Health team wins national communications award

Front to back: Jane Arthur, Amy Stevens, Margaret Lamb, Kevin Pontiff, Mark Roberts

GEORGETOWN, SC – Tidelands Health has just under 2,000 employees. But “Partners,” the employee magazine Tidelands Health publishes for its employee, physician and volunteer partners, recently beat out employee publications from companies around the world to be named best print newsletter in the Ragan 2015 Employee Communications Awards. Tidelands Health is one of 29 overall winners in the prestigious Ragan awards, which were announced today.

“To say we’re overwhelmed by this recognition is an understatement,” said Amy Stevens, associate vice president of marketing and communications for Tidelands Health.  “When we launched ‘Partners,’ our goal was to produce a publication that captured the quality, character and compassion of our amazing employee, physician and volunteer partners. This award, recognizing our magazine as the best of the best, validates our belief that an employee newsletter doesn’t have to be dull or dry. It can – and should – be as vibrant and lively as the readers for whom it was created.”

The health system launched “Partners” in 2014. Each issue features personality profiles and human interest stories that tell the stories of the people who work at Tidelands Health – spotlighting everyone from employee and physician partners who are football super fans to those on the Tidelands staff who spend their free time competing as amateur athletes or even growing hot peppers.

“Partners” is produced by Tidelands’ in-house marketing and communications team, including Stevens; communications facilitator Margaret Lamb, who serves as the magazine’s editor; art director Kevin Pontiff, who is responsible for the publication’s visual design; interactive specialist Mark Roberts, the magazine’s photographer; and marketing and communications director Jane Arthur, who oversees production.

“I am so proud of this team,” Stevens said. “For our small department to be recognized alongside communications professionals from some of the world’s biggest brands proves excellence is not a function of size but, rather, a result that can be achieved by a dedicated, passionate group of people with a commitment to be the best.”






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