Bennetsville residents stunned after father shot and killed while picking up daughter

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Marlboro County Sheriff deputies arrested 32-year-old James Zevon Brown Sunday morning for murder and weapons charges.

Deputies say he shot and killed 38-year-old Regginold McLain after a confrontation took place at a home on Wanda street Saturday afternoon.

Officials say McLain went to the home to pick up his 12-year-old daughter.

The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office also arrested the victim’s estranged wife, Emily McLain and charged her with obstruction of justice for giving false information.

Residents who live nearby where the shooting happened say they’re stunned by what happened.

Ernest McRae was sitting on his front porch Saturday afternoon when he heard a gunshot.

“One shot… it’s sad” said McRae.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified just moved into the area last year.

“It’s very sad, too close to home, too close” the neighbor said.

In fact the neighbor says her daughter was at the home 30 minutes before the shooting happened with McLain’s daughter.

“She came over as soon as it happened. What is so horrific for me is that this poor 12 year-old witnessed what happened. She was sure in her mind that her father was dead and all she wanted to do was be with him,” she said.

The neighbor says she comforted the victim’s daughter until paramedics and other family members arrived to the scene.

“No child should ever have to live through that and it’s an image that will stay with her through her entire life. She’ll never be able to shake that. It’s unbelievable,” added the neighbor.

“There were a lot of people here last night. It was lined up all the way from that drive way right there,” said another concerned neighbor who lives on Wanda Street.

But what concerns those who live by the home even more is how long McLain’s body laid on the front porch.

“The ambulance took a long time. I guess that’s a part of living in Bennetsville, since there is no hospital here anymore because if someone came sooner he probably would’ve made it” explained the neighbor.

SLED is helping Marlboro County Sheriff’s deputies investigate. MCSO Investigators are interviewing witnesses and more charges may come at a later time.

Count on News 13 to keep you covered as we learn more about this ongoing investigation.


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