Highland Games connect visitors to Celtic genealogy

Highland Games1MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Do not be alarmed by the men in the kilts. The traditional garb can be seen throughout the grounds of Market Common. Amidst the fun and games and of course the festive music of the band SYR you’ll find the real reason many people are connected to this event.

“When people come into our tent we want to give them a full history of their genealogy,” Clan Henderson Society’s Leon Hicks said.

The Clans or families wear that name proudly. A genealogy traced back to those of the past

Highland Games2“We try to take them back to the origins and Celtic history and the origin of Celtic history in Scotland,” Hicks said.

Leon says a family history is about understanding the lifestyle of those in the past, whether that’s through showing the ways of farming and herding or maybe just a small game for the little ones. It’s why Clan Henderson or “The Sons of Henry” enjoy helping form that bond.

“It’s family. You can be Italian or German whoever it is as long as you’re interested in your family roots,” Clan Henderson Society member George Henderson said.

The flags at the gate beckon you inward to a time gone by. A family heritage once located in one central spot now spread out throughout the world.

“We talk about the strength through cultural diversity these days,” Hicks said. “I think that’s an important thing that we help people that come into our tent that they understand that they have a place in this.”Highland Games3

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