New data on the costs of air pollution on newborns

CBS NEWS – Premature births linked to air pollution are costing more than 4-billion dollars a year in the US. That’s according to researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center who say pollution is triggering toxic chemicals in the blood contributing to thousands of premature births.. causing prolonged hospital stays, long-term medication, and lost productivity. SOURCE – Environmental Health Perspectives/MedDay/CBS

New help for the 700 children hospitalized for sports-related concussions every day.. Researchers in Florida say a simple test identifying biomarkers in the blood for up to seven days can now help take the guesswork out of a concussion diagnosis. SOURCE – JAMA Neurology/MedDay/CBS

To combat a sharp rise in the number of military veterans coming home with mild traumatic brain injuries, Philadelphia researchers say a new type of MRI may be more helpful in assessing *long-term* effects of abnormalities in the brain. SOURCE – Radiological Society of America/MedDay/CBS

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