One SC grants aid volunteers with flood recovery

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – South Carolinians who saw their homes destroyed by October’s devastating floods are getting some much needed help.

A grant from the One SC Flood Relief Fund promises over $750,000 in assistance for non profits and volunteers who are doing what they can to help in the wake of the storm. One such group, All Hands Volunteers, is spending the next few weeks doing just that. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Georgetown, All Hands is on site at a home in Georgetown County helping those in need recover from the floods.

It was a different type of flood that gave this organization its start. All Hands Volunteers got its start in the wake of the catastrophic tsunamis that struck Thailand in 2004. Founder David Campbell spontaneously responded to the disaster, and ended up staying for a month, creating All Hands Volunteers afterward.

Kimberly Grisham, the project director for these All Hands volunteers in Georgetown County, says that same attitude rings true for their response to the flooding in the Palmetto State.

“When we heard about the flooding on October 4th, we were in the area by October 6th,” said Grisham. “We pride ourselves on being right there on the ground.”

Grisham says the One SC grants are a gift that will allow her All Hands team to help even more flood victims in South Carolina.

“It will allow us to not only build up our program here, but also to rebuild some more of the homes that were damaged.”

Shirley Freeman never thought she would need people like these volunteers, but she is certainly glad they are here to help repair her niece’s home.

“Man says no, but God says yes and I’m glad they were able to come out and prove that to us,” said Freeman. “God’s gonna bless us with a new home, amen!”

For the All Hands volunteers, they say it is the least they could do.

“I’m just happy to know I have the carpentry skills to help out,” said volunteer Michael Puckett. Puckett learned carpentry, then sold his car and most of his belongings before joining up with All Hands.

“I just strive to be a helping hand,” said Puckett.

For Brandon McGee, helping people he has never met has always been second nature.

“It’s a reason to keep pushing further, to help a total stranger,” said McGee. “Helping someone, because it’s a person, not just because it’s someone you know.”

All Hands Volunteers is always in search of help, and they are especially in need of skilled carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. To volunteer today, visit

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