South Carolina Highway Patrol wants more troopers

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-Many agencies nationwide are having a hard time finding and hiring law enforcement officers. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is trying to find more troopers but they’re not having a difficult time getting applicants.

There are already more than 700 troopers working for the agency and with this year’s extra resources, they are looking to hire 100 more.

It’s not that troopers are leaving their force, leaders simply want to expand it.

According to the South Carolina department of public safety, in 2015, there were 199 deadly crashes in South Carolina.

Just three months into this year there have already been 188 deadly crashes.

sc crash

Last year in Horry county, the highway patrol investigated 61 deadly crashes. This year, it has already investigated 16.

Corporal Sonny Collins said most road deaths can be avoided and that’s why the highway patrol wants more troopers on the road.

horry crashes

“I know it’s something you hear us say all the time but as troopers, going to a crash where someone has been killed that’s as bad as the day can get. If we can go out here and be visible and deter that bad driving so we don’t have those fatalities, then that is the whole mission.”

If you’re interested in becoming a trooper, visit

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