Horry and Georgetown counties will have a bad mosquito season

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-It’s been five months since the October floods and many people are still feeling the effects. Some people lost their homes and many of our roads were damaged in the floods. Those are just some immediate effects. Not so immediate and coming to a yard near you soon, are mosquitos.

Yes, you can blame the flood on that too.

In October News13 followed DNR on a boat and rode through Lee’s landing neighborhood.

We saw sunken cars, boats floating away and at some houses, we couldn’t see doors or windows, only the roof.

That meant standing water not just for days, but for weeks.

The general manager of a mosquito control company said that standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. With much of Horry county under water in 2015, mosquitos never really left our area.

“We never had an in-season for mosquitos last year. In 2015 it was wet and unseasonably warm. 2016 kicked off as a pretty warm year, its April now, pretty much, so it’s getting hot, 80 degrees yesterday, its going to get bad soon I think,” said Stewart McLean.

While the standing water from the flood is gone any standing water at all can present a big mosquito problem.

For two ounces of standing water, as many as four hundred mosquitos can hatch.

Those mosquitos are much more than an annoying buzz. They leave nasty welts and they carry a number of diseases.

You’ve probably heard of West Nile virus, eastern equine cephalitus, Malaria, and the one that has a lot of people on edge, the Zika virus.

McLean said his company can’t rule out the possibility of Zika being here and neither should you.

“We want to inform people of the dangers of the Zika virus. The possibility that they could contract it. We don’t want to scare anyone but the change that it could be here during the heat of the summer, it could happen if there are people coming back and forth from island countries or south America. If you feel sick, have the flu during the summer, you most likely don’t have the flu. See a doctor. ”

There’s three easy things you can do to protect yourself: drain, dress and defend.

Drain the standing water in your yard. Dress in long sleeves and long pants when you can and if you can’t, you need to defend yourself with insect repellant.



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