Surfside Beach election ends with three possible runoffs

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Election day in Surfside Beach ended with three possible run-offs.  Officials spent two hours tallying up the votes, only to end up with zero winners.

Bob Childs beat Incumbent Mayor Doug Samples by just 6 votes, 436 to 430. However, election officials say that isn’t enough votes win the race. Childs needed 439 votes to win by majority.

According to Town Clerk Debra Herrmann, there are several challenge votes that still need to be counted. Certified election results will be announced on Thursday.

Both races for Town Council also ended in run offs. If necessary, the run off election will happen on April 19th.


Bob Childs- 436

Doug Samples- 430

Town Council

Vicki Blair- 252

Mark Johnson- 365

Mark Beth Mabry- 334

Ron Ott- 308

Wanda Spannuth- 268

Randle Stevens- 293

Holly Ann Watson- 266

Stanley Wrobel- 160

Special Election- Unexpired Term

Vicki Blair- 230

Tim Courtney- 301

Steve Shore- 171

Stanley Wrobel- 98

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