Carolina Country Music Fest expands shuttle service to outside cities

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – This year’s Carolina Country Music Fest is expected to bring an even bigger crowd than last year and organizers want make sure the city and businesses are ready.

“In the southeast for sure, it’s the premier festival,” said Full House Productions President Bob Durkin.

Durkin met with downtown merchants Wednesday to go over logistics.

“We’re going to have shuttles this year that are going to be coming in from different cities, Charleston, Wilmington, Columbia and Charlotte,” he said.

The event will also have shuttles to and from Coastal Carolina University, the old Myrtle Square Mall and various hotels along Ocean Boulevard. The cost of parking is still being worked out.

MBPD Lt. Joey Crosby discussed traffic changes at the meeting.

“We knew that with the lineup they’re bringing in this year that there were going to be a considerable number of attendees coming to see the concert,” state Crosby.

He says 8th Avenue North will be closed to cars completely. 9th Avenue North will be open to westbound traffic during the day, but officers will close the road down at night.

“That way the attendees leaving the concert can cross ninth avenue safely without fear of being hit by motorists,” explained Crosby.

Traffic leaving the concert will be diverted to Joe White Avenue and 16th Avenue North, according to Crosby.

As far as security, Durkin says they plan to use higher fences so people can’t see the concerts for free.

“You wont get the same level of entertainment or even close to it unless you’re inside the festival,” said Durkin

Something else new this year, organizers plan to have a Thursday night kick off concert. That performer will be announced this Friday.

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