District leaders visit Horry County school reportedly making some physically sick

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County school district leaders visited Whittemore Park Middle School on Wednesday.

The visit was  an opportunity for district leaders to see what goes on inside the classrooms, but with recent leaks in some of the older parts of the school, some problems were also pointed out to district leaders.

Principal Judy Beard says old parts of the building have moisture issues, faulty air conditioning and ventilation, and classrooms too small for the number of students.

“I didn’t observe any moisture. I do know that Ms. Beard pointed out some places that some leaks have occurred,” said Horry County Schools Superintendent Rick Maxey.

Maxey says they have plans to fix the leaks, and the school will get new air conditioning units this summer.

“It’s just like taking care of your home, you know, as buildings age, you have to do repair work and additions,” said Maxey.

Horry County School Board member Janet Graham has been pressing the facilities committee to make those repairs at Whittemore Park because she says she’s seen the problems with the air conditioning units first-hand.

“The district has done a good job at addressing those issues. We still have more, we will always have more, but we have to work together as a team, and we’re getting there,” said Graham.

District leaders announced last month they have millions of dollars in repairs to do in the county, on top of building five brand-new schools.

As of right now, Whittemore Park Middle School is not in the plan for a new school.

“When we move in the new building phase following this one, certainly this school and other schools will be considered by the board,” said Maxey.

Maxey says their number one priority is to be sure the children in the district are in educational environments that are conducive to learning and that are safe.

Already, district leaders have $210 million dollars in repairs that need to be made in Horry County schools.

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