Galey and Lord textile plant in Society Hill to close in May

Society Hill Mayor Tommy Bradshaw says Galey & Lord is expected to close in mid-May.

SOCIETY HILL, SC (WBTW) – The Galey and Lord textile plant in Society Hill will close next month, according to Society Hill Mayor Tommy Bradshaw.

The Darlington County company, headquartered at 670 N Main St. in Society Hill, employs more than 100 people, adds Bradshaw. The plant, which has been in the town for about 50 years, was previously operated under the names Burlington Industries and Clockman.

The town received a letter March 29 informing leaders that the plant is expected to permanently close in mid-May, says Bradshaw. The company employed nearly 1,600 people on one point, states Bradshaw.

The mayor adds that the plant is not only important to Society Hill, but also to all of Darlington County, and he remains hopeful someone will buy the plant or take it over to keep it operational. Bradshaw adds the town is willing to help in any way possible to keep the plant open in some capacity.

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