Free child safety seat checks Tuesday afternoon

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-Parents put their children in car seats every day and every day millions of parents are doing it wrong. According to the CDC motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among children in the United States.

A lot of these injuries and deaths can be prevented when car seats are installed properly and used properly. 96% of parents and caregivers believe their child safety seats are installed correctly but research shows seven out of ten children aren’t restrained properly.

During 2013, 638 children ages 12 years and younger died in motor vehicle crashes, and more than 127,000 were injured. One CDC study found, in one year, more than 600,000 children ages zero to twelve rode in vehicles without a child safety seat or booster seat or a seat belt at least some of the time.

Of the children ages 12 years and younger who died in a crash in 2013, 38% weren’t buckled up. South Carolina highway patrol Corporal Sonny Collins says parents need to choose if they want to use the tether system or the seatbelt to strap your child in. One thing you don’t want is to use both.

“New parents tell me all the time well two restraints are better than one. Well that’s not the case because if one restraint system starts to do its job just a fraction of a second before the next system than you actually may have them working against each other instead of working with the car.”

You can get a free safety check Tuesday afternoon at Kohls at 17 and 544.

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