How to save money on TV, phone and internet

We hear from a lot of you who say you’re paying too much for services like your TV, phone and internet.

Now there are a growing number of companies that can cut your rates, and you won’t pay a dime unless they do.

In some cases, you won’t pay any fee at all.

A few months back Don Bramblett in Spartanburg was paying $100 a month for basic TV, and $60 for internet. He tried negotiating.

“I called em up and they said well tough. And they said that’s it. So that’s when I started looking, I said this is way too much,” said Bramblett.

So he contacted WizeGuys and they slashed $60 off his total monthly bill by getting “bundle rates” even though he switched to two different providers.

“We are a dealers for all the major venders out there so no matter who the company is, you don’t have to get everything with them, we can separate it out to get you the best deal on exactly what you need, TV, phone internet security,” said Andy Hethington with WizeGuyz.

Now, there are also companies that will negotiate for you so you can keep the service you have. They told us, if you want to do it yourself effectively, be friendly, do your research and call during business hours.,

BillFixers and BillCutterz will talk down everything from your TV service to Landscaping and Trash pickup. WizeGuyz is paid by the vendors, but BillFixers takes half of what they save you.

“A lot of what we’re doing is just taking the time. If you call up, you call and talk to them once, you might be able to get a discount, but it won’t be the best discount that you can get. We have a team of people who are experts at this, and will call up 3, 4,5, 6 times on an account and talk to as many people as we can before we’re absolutely certain we’ve got the best deal for you,” said Ben Kurland, co-founder of BillFixers.

Bramblett, who also installed an HD antenna to save on box rental fees for 2 TVs, will be 720 dollars richer by the end of one year.

‘Right now we’re grateful for the savings,” said Bramblett.

The bill slashing companies will even call you, when promotions run out so you can continue getting savings.

Now we should note, with any of these companies you do have to give them personal information like your account numbers and in some cases the last four of your Social Security Number.

The companies say they have strict privacy policies and do not sell your information.

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