Robeson County officials mull over consolidation plan

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – Robeson County leaders are looking at the possibility of working with a Raleigh-based firm on a consolidation plan for the school district.

For years, the Public Schools of Robeson County has been made up of 42 schools, but it could potentially take only 18 months for that landscape to change.

Recently, the county decided to do a study done with Raleigh based architectural firm First Floor Energy.

“So if we are going to continue to spend a lot of money on upgrades we thought we’ll do a study for somebody to look at it and see how we can improve the total system,” said Robeson County Commissioner Chairman Jerry Stephens.

In a proposal made by the firm, 30 elementary and middle schools would be replaced with 13 new pre k-8 schools, along with a new career and technical high school

Also it recommended that five schools; Gilbert Carroll Middle, Peterson Elementary, East Robeson Elementary, Pembroke Elementary and Fairmont Middle schools be renovated.

“It’s going to give Robeson County another conversation to talk about.  Instead of talking about all the crime and the low test scores, they are going to talk about Robeson County leaders got serious,” Stephens stated.

The county commissioners and the school board will meet again about this next Tuesday night April 19th at 7:00 pm.  The public is invited.

As it stands now, this plan would not affect any of the county’s high schools.  The expected timetable to complete this project is 18 months.

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