Horry County Fair brings nearly 60 year old venue back to life

Horry County fair returns to Myrtle Beach Area (Image 1)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)-       The Myrtle Beach Speedway was once home to two of the biggest races in Nascar. News 13 found out how the Horry County Fair brought the almost  60 year old venue back to life.

It’s been a busy week for Myrtle Beach Speedway General Manager Steve Zacharias, but he expects Saturday to be the busiest day yet.

“We’re thinking anywhere 10,000- 15,000,” he stated.

However, a large turnout is nothing to complain about.

“We’ve struggled for the last four years to let everyone know that we’re still a race track, we’re still here,” explained Zacharias.

He says the Horry County Fair was just what the speedway needed

“Our calendar is starting to be pretty full,” he explained

The speedway already has concerts booked in May, July and August.

“We’re trying to make us an all around facility,” he stated.

The ten day event will also help the speedway financially. Mandee White brought her daughter to the fair Friday for a second time.

“We got them wrist bands, that was $50, then to get in was about $20, then we bought food which was probably another $20 or $30,” she said.

Zacharias plans to make the Horry County Fair a tradition, but he has to survive this Saturday  first.

“After this fair, we’re all going to take an extended break,” he laughed.

Montgomery Gentry performs at 7:30 Saturday night. Click here for tickets.

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