Deaf man reports three men beat him while walking home in Myrtle Beach

Deaf Man Assaulted

MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) -The Myrtle Beach Police Department is investigating an assault after police say a three men beat a deaf man walking home Saturday morning.

According to the police report, the assault happened around 1:30 a.m. Saturday on Greens Boulevard in Myrtle Beach.

The man used a translator to tell police he was walking home from SeaMist hotel when three men approached him and starting hitting him.  In the report, the victim said he fought back his unknown attackers.

The victim told police his head was severely hurting, according to the report.

EMS took the victim to Grand Strand Medical Center to treat his bruises, cuts, scrapes and a bump on his head, but the victim refused treatment.

The investigation is ongoing.



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