3 women sought after placing card skimmer at NC ATM, police say

APEX, N.C. – The Apex Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying three female suspects who they say placed a card skimmer on the SunTrust ATM in Apex.

Police said the suspects placed the bank card skimmer at the ATM on April 26 and 27. The skimmers were discovered during a daily check of the ATM machine by a Sun Trust Employee.

Anyone who can help identify the suspects seen in surveillance photos is asked to call the Apex Police Department at 919-362-8661.

Police want to remind ATM users to :

• Inspect the door access device prior to opening the lobby doors (Most counterfeit devices are installed with double sided tape and are installed over the original door access device).
• Use a different card to open the lobby doors (Most door access devices will open with many different cards that have magnetic stripes gift cards, store cards, credit cards, etc. all work to open the door. )
• Inspect the machine for items that were installed over or around the PIN pad of the ATM. Look for a small pin hole pointing toward the key pad.
• Cover the keypad with you other hand while typing your PIN.

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