Lake View police release murder suspect composite sketch

LAKE VIEW, SC (WBTW) – Lake View Police Chief Wayne Campbell has released a composite sketch of a murder suspect. Campbell says the sketch is the result of what a witness saw during a deadly shooting on April 12.

The shooting happened at a home on Shady Circle near Lake View. Gerald “Nathol” McNeil, 40, of Lake View died that day. Campbell says McNeil’s 14-year-old nephew was also shot. Campbell says the teen has since been released form the hospital and is doing well.

McNeil’s sister Wanda told News 13 that a friend of her brother’s saw the killer face to face and was able to give a police sketch artist a detailed account of the man she saw.

She says she’s never seen anyone around that matched the sketch, but knows someone in the area knows something and hopes they will come forward. Until then, the family remembers their loved one as a hero for saving his family even though he lost his life.

“They could have came here and killed all of us,” Wanda said. “There could have been 12 bodies up in the morgue instead of one.”

If you think you’ve seen the suspect, or you know any information about this murder call Lake View Police at 843-759-2119.

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