Family Kingdom celebrates 50 years of fun

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) 2016 is a landmark anniversary for one popular Grand Strand attraction as the Family Kingdom Amusement Park on Ocean Boulevard turns 50.

The park welcomed close to 200 roller coaster experts to the park to celebrate with a ride on the “Swamp Fox” wooden coaster.

Swamp Fox2 “They’re national icons and they’re national treasures that ought to be preserved,” American Coaster Enthusiasts Vice President David Lipnicky said.


The celebration is part of the groups 2016 Spring Conference

“Once you get on top that hill, it’s a 75 foot hill once you go around the curve it’s a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean,” Family Kingdom Operations Manager Scott Osborn said.Swamp Fox3

The Swamp Fox opened in 1966, the same year Family Kingdom did.

“There’s just something timeless about a wooden coaster,” American Coaster Enthusiasts Communications Director Tim Baldwin said. “It just really engages all of your senses and they’re just fun. When you find those delicious moments of air time.”

He’s talking about that thrill of coming out of your seat these classic coasters provide

Swamp Fox1“The nostalgia and the rides that we have to offer here brings people here and families here,” Osborn said.

It’s a connection formed through generations of fun and passed down through every adrenaline filled scream

“My grandfather who got my mom riding, he’s past away but every time i’m on a classic wooden coaster because that’s what he rode i’m thinking of my grandfather,” Lipnicky said.

About ACEFamily Kingdom1

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