Galivants Ferry Stump proves political traditions still appeal in age of modern technology

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County Democrats gathered along the Pee Dee River for a political tradition that’s more than a century old on Monday.

The Galivants Ferry Stump dates back to 1876 and is the oldest and largest stump speaking event in the nation.

It goes back to a time when people stood on tree stumps to adrress the crowds; and while the stump has been replaced by a stage, the biennial speeches remain a big draw for politicians across the state.

The event featured speeches from Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, South Carolina’s congressional districts, and local offices in Horry County.

It’s a political tradition that has survived in an age where politicians often connect with voters trough social media instead of meeting face to face.

“Much of that is lost today because of modern technology, because of the internet. Because of television. Because of other mediums which people can now learn of others; but I don’t think we’ll ever do away entirely without pressing the flesh, and I’m proud to keep up the tradition,” said Keynote Speaker, Rep. Joseph Crowley, a Democrat from New York.

The Holliday Family has hosted the Galivants Ferry Stump since the 1900’s and want to keep the tradition going for years to come.

“It’s history, it is what we supposed to do. I told my daddy when he was dying I’m not going to let this die. We got 140 years, we just have to keep on going. I’m 4th generataion, we got 5th and 6th on the way. It’s a no brainer,” said Chrisy Holliday Douglas.

Monday’s event featured more than 20 speakers. Republicans were welcome to attend, but only Democrats were allowed to make speeches.

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