Making them laugh at The Palace Theatre

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) “It’s not a day to day job. Something always pops up where you go ah deal with it quickly.”

Those are the words of Dizzy The Physical Comedian in the “Cirque Extreme” show at the Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach.

The Physical Comedian2 He also serves as the emcee at the beginning of the show and in between all of the acts keeping people entertained and making them laugh.

He says many times he’s working on a red light green light formula which simply means he may not know how much time he has to fill, he just keeps performing until they give him the sign that the next act is ready.

“I come from Texas. Texas, Tennessee,” Dizzy says with a straight face and an English accent. “That’s a total joke I come from a tropical island known as England.”

What do you expect though when you interview the guy who’s job it is to bring the laughs.

“I try not to ever have a joke on stage that the audience is not a part of,” Dizzy said. The Physical Comedian3

The challenge he says is those people in the Palace Theatre seats are different every show.

“I never know what’s going to happen. Whether I’m going to get water thrown at me, a shoe thrown at me, whether i’m going to get a slap around the face,” Dizzy said. “The cheeky charming me comes out and the audience just grip onto it.”

His journey into humor began early.

“The first laugh came in school, I was the class clown,” Dizzy said.

The Physical ComedianHe then spent time doing stunt work and as an actor before going for a role in the circus.

“I went for the audition and they said you’re going to be the physical comedian of the show and I said No I want to be a circus act,” Dizzy said.

The change of plans worked quite well as Dizzy’s been performing in hundreds and hundreds of shows, bringing out laughs and smiles each night.

“If they don’t laugh or if they’re not having fun just come and see me i’ll give them a hundred dollar bill,” Dizzy said. “It will be my bar bill and they’ll have to pay it but i’ll give them a hundred dollar bill.”

The Cirque Extreme show runs through October at The Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach.


Mar 8 – May 26: Tues- Sat 7:30pm, Wed 10:30am and Thurs 2pm (no 2pm in May)

May 31 – Sept 3: Mon – Sat 7:30pm, Wed 10:30am and Thurs 2pm

Sept 7 – Oct 1: Tues- Sat 7:30pm, Wed 10:30am and Thurs 2pm

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