Monkeys captured after escaping SC research lab

UPDATE: The monkeys are all back on the lab property safely. They will be put back in their cages and the lab will discuss exactly what happened that led to their escape.

Right now its believed a loose screw in the enclosure may have opened the area for the primates.

The facility in rural Yemassee and a similar compound nearby are home to roughly 5,000 monkeys. Many of these are bred and sold to USDA-licensed research facilities.

Yemassee Police say they will look into the entire event.


Yemassee Police are helping find a series of primates who escaped a local lab.

Alpha Genesis lab say 19 monkeys got free, and so far 6 of them have been recaptured.

Police and lab employees are working together to find the other monkeys, who are not sick and not considered dangerous. Experts do warn they are however wild animals and people should not approach them.

If you do see any of the wild monkeys, Yemassee Police ask you to call 911 immediately.

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