City officials could make permanent beach parking solutions today

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-Parking changes along the golden mile are still in the works and council could reach an agreement Tuesday for a permanent solution. Right now, you can park in the street ends and stay all day without paying a penny. But this year, chances are, your beach trips over the summer are going to cost you.

Those who live along the street ends have complained for years about the influx of cars that are sometimes parked in their yards or in their driveways.  Some days, there are more than 500 extra cars along the golden mile making it hard for people to see to get out.

City officials want to create a safer parking solution for the residential areas but that means changing beach parking completely.

“During four to five months out of the year kind of creates a commercial atmosphere there. They’re have been request to eliminate parking on ocean boulevard or address parking in the avenues it’s one of those things that if you make a change here, you’re likely to have an effect here so there’s a dominoes effect that will occur,” said Mark Kruea.

What is likely going to happen is you’ll need to be a city resident if you plan to park in the avenues for free. Non city residents will have the opportunity to but a non-city decal. That decal would cost $100 but you’d only be allowed to park in a few downtown lots. Meter parking is still an option in certain areas. That cost is $4 an hour or $20 a day.


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