‘God told me to do it’ says SC stabbing suspect

Kathryn Trentham

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Spartanburg deputies say they arrested Kathryn Trentham after she stabbed a woman in the shoulder.

It happened after Midnight on Saturday at a home on Oak Grove Rd. in Spartaburg Co.

A woman said she had just gotten home when a woman she knew as “Scarlett,” whose real name is Kathryn Trentham, came out of nowhere and began hitting her car.

She said she tried to go in the home when Trentham rushed her and began to fight with her.

She said she fought back when she felt a strong punch. She realized later that she had been stabbed.

A man went to break up the fight and the woman tried to stab him.

He says Trentham was screaming things about the Devil and God.

Deputies say Trentham was sitting in the yard when they got there.

They told her to put down the knife and lay on the ground. She complied and they arrested her.

Deputies say Trentham told them she had to stab the victim and that God told her to do it.

They say she also told them she was going to put this yellow house on the map.

Trentham is charged with Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature and Trespassing.

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