Hartsville works to crack down on dog fighting after dogs reported missing

HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – In light of recent events in the county, City of Hartsville Animal Control has responded to several calls of missing dogs. This last week, two pit bulls have been found uninjured and returned to their owners.

Darlington County has reported dog fighting rings within the area.  Hartsville animal control is urging dog owners to be mindful of outside dogs.”The dog fighting ring got started once the first dog went missing which was April 20th and we just thought it was just a random dog that got stolen and then after that a couple of days after that another dog got stolen,” Jamal Clavon, Hartsville Animal Control officer.

Animal control believes whoever is behind it is targeting pit bulls.

Altogether there have five reported dogs missing in county, three alone in Hartsville.

Nearby in Chesterfield County, animal services along with the sheriff’s office posted a $5,000 reward in regards to dog fighting there.

“They got the same situation going on.  We don’t know if they are connected or what,” mentioned Clavon.

Chesterfield and Darlington County authorities are now part of a task force on the issue.

Animal control says the dog fighting ring may operate in the South Hartsville area.

The city asks residents to keep dogs inside or within eyesight.  In addition, due to the weather be sure that all outside dogs have fresh water each day.  If you have any information on suspicious activity related to dog fighting rings or to report any animal abuse in the area, please call animal control at 843-383-3000 or 843-858-2425.

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