MYR says lack of seasonal officers causing long wait times

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)-      Long TSA lines are a problem across the country. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced a new plan today that includes increased overtime and hiring over 700 new security officers.

Myrtle Beach International sent out a press release Friday morning, warning people about extremely long wait times.

“It’s strongly encouraged that people arrive two hours or more before their departure time,” said Spokesperson Kirk Lovell.

The security line wasn’t long Friday afternoon, but Lovell expects it to stretch into the terminal at 5 p.m. tomorrow. He says they have about 700 passengers leaving at around the same time.

“They typically try to open as many lanes as they possibly can, but we are seeing at some times only one lane being open at a time,” explained Lovell.

MYR is also short-staffed, according to Lovell.

“We normally have seasonal staff that comes in to help this TSA team, but TSA has actually said they’re not getting the same seasonal staff levels that they have in the past,” he said.

Myrtle Beach Airport reported 83,515 incoming passengers last month. Lovell expects to welcome over 100,000 visitors this July.

“With those type of numbers at this little airport, it’s important that you arrive early,” he stated.

TSA is researching ways to speed up the screening process like using more canine teams to sniff baggage and getting airlines to help with non-security work like moving bins.


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