Robeson County boy will meet President Obama at White House

Rex-Rennert Elementary School second grader ZaDyan Cummings will visit the White House and meet President Obama on Friday.

LUMBERTON — A student from Rex – Rennert Elementary school is on his way to the White House to visit President Obama

Second grader ZaDyan Cummings will serve as a Junior Ambassador for the National Black Farmers Association and Youth Delegate from North Carolina. Rex-Rennert recently celebrated Black History Month in Mrs. Dale Jones class. ZaDyan and his class members researched famous Black Americans and presented their findings to the class. ZaDyan researched President Barack Obama. He  contacted John Boyd Jr. who is the president of the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) to help him present his project to the second grade students. Dr. Boyd and his wife traveled to Rex-Rennert from Baskerville, Virginia to take part in the project. Through that experience, ZaDyan was recently informed that he was nominated and selected to serve as a NBFA Junior Ambassador and Youth Delegate from North Carolina. He will be in attendance with the President and First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as other leaders on the White House lawn on Friday.

Cummings will be at the White House for the Official Nordic arrival ceremony welcoming President Niinisto of the Republic of Finland, Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark, Priminister Lofven of Sweden, Prime Minister Solberg of Norway and Prime Minister Johannsson of the Republic of Iceland. The delegation’s role is to stress the importance of developing sustainable economies to provide a sustainable food system for families, communities and the world.

Cummings was recognized by the Public Schools of Robeson County School Board this week for his success.

(This story and the accompanying photo were press releases from the Public Schools of Robeson County.)


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