3 arrested, 1 wanted in SC home invasion robbery

Left to right: David Emory, Ashley Hudson, Shannon Williams, and Jeffrey Henderson (From: Spartanburg Co. Sheriff's Office)

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) – Three people have been arrested in a Spartanburg robbery.

Media outlets report that Wednesday a woman was outside her home by her car when two men with guns, later identified as Jeffrey Henderson and David Emory, approached her and demanded money.

The woman says Henderson led her into a car at gunpoint. She says a woman, later identified as Ashley Hudson, continued to lock the doors as she tried to escape.

Henderson, Emory and Hudson then entered the woman’s home and stole prescription medication and other items. The victim was able to escape from the car.

A Spartanburg deputy later saw the suspect vehicle, and after attempting to pull it over a chase ensued.

Eventually Emory, Hudson and another woman in the car, Shannon Williams, were arrested. Henderson is still at large.

It’s unclear if any of the suspects have attorneys.

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