Deputy comforts crying 4 month-old-baby after killings in Ravenel

RAVENEL, S.C. (WCBD) —A Charleston County Sheriff’s Deputy comforted a crying 4-month-old baby after the deadly shooting that killed three people in Ravenel.

On Thursday, the Sheriff’s office released the video from the dashboard camera inside the deputies’ car. The footage starts with the officers getting to the neighborhood and finding the car from the report. The suspect, Kenneth Lamar Ancrum was driving the car and Quiwanna Mungin was in the passenger seat.

The deputies yell for Ancrum to get out of the car, put his hands up and get down on the ground. Ancrum calmly gets out of the car and immediately obeys the officers.

After they handcuff Ancrum, the deputies find out that Mungin has been shot in the leg. She tells the deputies Ancrum shot her, but she is more concerned about her family. She answers her phone and yells to the other person on the line, “Go check on my baby and my mama. Your son shot all of us!”

The officer leaves and goes to the lot where the family was killed. When they get to the home, they find Mungin’s 4-month-old little boy lying in a crib inside. The deputy carries the baby out of the home, wrapped in a blue blanket. He brings the child out to the police car. You can hear the officer comforting the infant as he cries.

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