XCON 9 not just for the guys

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) XCON World 9 invades the Myrtle Beach Convention Center this weekend with celebrity guests, exhibits and booths.

“There’s a lot of women liking comics now,” XCON Comics Robin Roberts said. “Before it was almost strictly boys and men and now it’s just across the board.”

XCON That passion can be seen in many women who call themselves fans of super heroes, super villains and of course super fun.

“I’ve loved Pokemon since I was a little kid,” Amber Clements said.

For some the choice is easy while others the decision may be a bit taxing.

“My favorite comic? DC or Marvel,” wonders Ashley Crawford. “That’s a hard question to ask someone.”

The characters from ink and page become fan favorites.

“I like Batman, and I like the suicide squad and I definitely like Spider-Man,” Crawford said.

“Nerd culture is pop culture now,” Roberts said. “They’ve merged as one and the same.”

The journey began at a very young age

“It all started when I was a little little little girl,” Crawford said.

The love of comics now turns into a world of imagination with Cosplay both elaborate and creative.

xcon2“You get to act as that character,” Clements said. “You don’t have to be yourself you can be anybody you want and you can make your own costumes.”

While the choice of favorites will always be a varied list, an escape once thought strange is now thrilling fans across mainstream culture.

“That was how I learned how to read,” Crawford said. “I first learned how to read through a comic so that was an important milestone in my life.”

XCON 9 will also be the first year of a new Cosplay-Maggedon Costume Contest featuring over $10,000 in cash and prizes. Click here for complete details and a full list of contest rules & regulations.

Friday, May 20th

VIP Party @ Nerd Bar – 9:30pm
*Separate Advance Ticket

Main Panel Room:
2:15pm Crowd Funding – Ins and Outs – Kickstarter, etc.
3:15pm Eliza Feliz – Zenoscope Artist and General Super Star
4:15pm Renee Marie – What Up in Cosplay & Fashion
5:15pm Meet the Stars of Nerd Bar Live
6:15pm Karlee Perez – Brains, Brawn & Beauty – Triple Threat

Center Stage:
2:00pm Nerd Trivia Game
3:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
4:00pm Geek Dating Game

Hole in the Wall Theater:
1:00 pm – 5:00pm Kill U Ride Film Fest

Saturday May 21stxcon3

Medieval Times XCON Night 8:30pm @ Medieval Times
(XCON Special Price of $30)
10:00pm – Board Walk Costume Walk 10pm – Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
11pm – 2am XCON Meetup at Sr. Frogs Broadway at the Beach

Main Panel Room:
10:15am Shane Moore – Whats up at Babylon Books & Brolo Nation
11:15am Sketch Contest with Guy Ghilcrist
12:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 1
1:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 2
2:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 3
3:15pm FX Makeup Class Starters ($13 Fee) with Face Off Cast
4:45pm Cosplay Contest Final Judging
5:45pm Breaking into Comics – Sanford Greene, Paty Cochram, Richard O’Hara, Emil Koepcke
6:45pm Dr. Bob Boan – “Aliens: Truth and Probability”

Center Stage:
12:00pm Medieval Times DEMO
1:00pm Nerd Trivia Game for Prizes!
2:00pm The HUGE Kids Costume Contest
3:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
5:00pm Geek Dating Game
6:00 PM Cosplay Winners Showcase

Hole in the Wall Theater:
12:00 – 6:00pm Kill U Ride Film Fest

Sunday May 22nd

DOORS CLOSE 5pm (some game events may run late)

Main Panel Room:
11:15am GEEK CHURCH – Pastor Hector Miray (Faith & Fandom)
12:15pm Power Rangers Panel – Michael Copon & Steve Cardenas
1:15pm FX Make Up Class II – ($43) Face Off Cast
2:15pm Kevin Grevioux – Writing Comics & Movie Scripts with Real Science
3:15pm Brain Krause – Charmed Q&A from a White Lighter
4:15pm Face Off Panel moderated by Lolita Bot & Wicked Tailor

Center Stage:
1:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
2:00pm Geek Dating Game
5:00pm Raffles!!!

Hole in the Wall Theater:
1pm – 4pm Kill U Ride Finalists



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