Killer bees found in SC, beekeeper stung

AP Image

CHARLESTON, SC  – A colony of Africanized honey bees have been found for the first time in SC in 15 years, according to Clemson University.

They were found in Charleston County and destroyed.

The bees were analyzed and they say there is almost 100% probability that the bees were a hybrid of Africanized and European honey bees.

They say it appears to be a localized incident and checked a two-mile area around the hive to make sure none were left.

Clemson says the Department of Plant Industry found the colony in a managed hive in a routine survey.

They found out they had stung a beekeeper half a dozen times so they decided to identify the species.

They say there is no threat to the Charleston area and they are conducting surveys to see if any Africanized honey bees are left.

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