Myrtle Beach woman refuses to move “God Bless America” sign, HOA issues fine

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- The Board of Directors at Cascades at Azalea Lakes sent resident, Jane Buck, a letter on May 20, 2016 that a sign posted on her front yard was in violation of the association’s rules.

Jane Buck says she’s lived in Cascades for 12 years now and puts up her “God Bless America” sign and display every Memorial Day. She told News13 her corner lot is a popular spot for people to stop by.

“Just positive reaction from all my neighbors and other developments have come by to tell us how beautiful our yard looks,” Buck said.

Buck says she put up the sign about a week ago and received the letter from her HOA shortly after.

The letter stated the sign needed to be removed from her lawn immediately because they are only permitted to be displayed from an inside window on the property.

“I sent a check for my $25 fine because they said I had to have it removed within 10 days of their letter and I sent the check because I’m not going to take the sign down until May 31st,” Buck said.

Buck says she doesn’t understand why the sign is now an issue but she refuses it to remove it from her yard because of what it means to her.

“This is totally in remembrance of all our veterans that died for us. That’s why it’s out. In remembrance of everybody who died for our country and fought for us all these years,” Buck added.

Her sister-in-law served on the Board of Directors for the HOA but resigned because of the way the sign issue was handled.

“There’s other things that the HOA should be doing and that’s why I resigned. I resigned yesterday because I did not want my name associated with people that feel that this is so important that a sign has to come down,” Jean Buck said.

The family’s stance is something neighbors say they appreciate.

“The sign is up for 10 days, it’s not going to be up for a year and it’s something beautiful. You don’t condemn something that’s beautiful. That’s my feelings and I’m very upset about it,” Ann McGonnigle said.

News13 reached out to the community’s HOA and Gold Crown Management multiple times but they didn’t respond to calls or emails.

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