News13 Now explores a different burger option

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Larry Higgins, the owner of the BurgerFi restaurant location on SC Highway 544 in Myrtle Beach joined News13 Now at 9 a.m. on Friday to talk about the restaurant’s unique menu.

The restaurant offers hamburgers and hot dogs with ingredients that are not common for most burger joints. Watch the interview for more details. The following is an excerpt from the BurgerFi website:

The inspiration for BURGERFI, launched from dissatisfaction with what was happening in the burger market at the time. Fast food and their lackluster offerings can have profound effects, so a better burger was born: February, 2011.

You see, we don’t adhere to the practices of industrialized fast food giants. We were started in a gourmet kitchen, by gourmet Chefs. They didn’t know from fast food, so the back of the house looks less like a burger joint, more like a five-star restaurant. When we needed a sauce, our Chefs didn’t call a food supplier. They started chopping. Combining. Cooking.

Making better choices. Trying some better.

BURGERFI Sauce, for example, uses over a dozen fresh ingredients. Far from fast, it takes roughly 40 minutes to prepare. Those doing it use words like ‘artful pride’ when speaking of the hard work it takes to make it. That’s just one sauce. You can find this level of better in everything we do.

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