Small child inside house during Dillon County home invasion attack, robbery

DILLON, S.C. (WBTW) – The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after two people say they were assaulted by men who broke in and robbed them on Monday.

Captain Cliff Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff says the victims were asleep inside the home when they awoke to find three men had broken in. Arnette says the suspects were armed, and wanted those who lived at the house to tell them where “is it.”

The suspects ran off before deputies arrived at the house, according to Arnette, but not before assaulting both men and stealing some things from inside.

A small child, also home when the suspects broke in, was not injured during the crime.

The Dillon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. Count on News 13 to bring you more details as they come into the newsroom.

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