Florence neighborhood plagued by ongoing flooding problem

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Thursday night’s thunderstorms dumped a lot of rain across our area.  However, people who live in a Florence neighborhood they woke up to water at their doorsteps.

Similar to a water park of some sorts, for residents living on Chalmers Row in Florence Friday morning wasn’t much of a summer vacation.

“Well when it started raining last night I thought it was just a thunderstorm and then about 10:00 pm my son said, oh my gosh momma the front yard is flooded,” said resident Leann Fitzwater.

Several of the homes on Chalmers Row had water surrounding it.

“My car was almost flooded.  I had to come and get it out and go park it over there.  I never know if I come home will I be able to get in my house,” Fitzwater explained.

“It’s been a problem since October.  Since the big flood…since then it has flooded three more times, this is the fourth time now,” mentioned Dave Kennan, whose yard was also flooded.

Friday morning, Florence county public works dug to get to the root of the problem at the nearby golf course.

Workers admitted to not knowing exactly where the problem was, but told News13 that it could be a drainage issue.

“I pay my sewage bill every month and my water bill and I don’t expect things like this to happen,” stated Fitzwater.

The residents that we spoke to said there have been only temporary fixes and that their complaints have, so far, been unheard.

“But now, we’ve had enough.  It’s time that action is taken,” Keenan said.

Public works told News13 once they find the issue work will be done to correct the drainage problem.


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