Myrtle Beach police and businesses get ready for another busy weekend

Salt Games bring bonus business to downtown Myrtle Beach (Image 1)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)-      You may still be recovering from a busy memorial day weekend, but the summer is just getting started.

This weekend is the Sun Fun Festival and Salt Games. Next weekend is Carolina Country Music Fest. That’s three big weekends in a row for the city of Myrtle Beach.

“It’s very taxing on the officers,” said MBPD Lt. Joey Crosby.

However, he says officers expect to work overtime during the summer months.

“Certainly in the dark uniforms and with the vests on it gets hot very quickly, so we make sure officers are well hydrated,” he said.

According to Crosby, supervisors will also monitor officers and look for any signs of fatigue.

“Does someone need an additional break can they do something to encourage them like maybe go sit down at dinner, just take a little bit off of their plate,” he explained.

Crosby says they encourage officers to spend what little time they do have off with their families.

“Get away from the job, do something that’s not police related,” he said.

That’s what keeps officers going, but what about businesses.

“We’re here to make money,” said Peaches Corner Manager Rodger Hamilton.

Hamilton lost his voice last weekend. Still, he’s got to be ready to do it all again Saturday for the Sun Fun Festival and Salt Games.

“It’s going to be hot. It’s already getting hot,” he stated.

Hamilton says they increase their staff and stock up on food.

“It don’t take long to empty it, I promise,” he laughed.

For shops and restaurants on the boulevard, business is seasonal and they have three months to make it count.

“It’ll be over before you know it,” said Hamilton.

Lt. Crosby says it’s not just the police department that’s feeling the strain. He says the entire city from trash pickup to setting up barriers, is working overtime.

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