CCMF app adds new features to help you navigate through the festival

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Carolina Country Music Festival started  Thursday., and organizers say you can expect to see some changes this year.

Bob Durkin is the president of Full House Productions, and he says they’ve worked endlessly with the hopes of bringing more than 24,000 people to the Grand Strand for this year’s festival.

“ We’ve seen with other festivals, we’ve been to I don’t know a dozen festivals in the past year to see what other people are doing and make sure we have the best technology,” said Durkin.

Part of that technology is an interactive app that sends you up-to-date information on what’s happening, where you can find things, and even set up timers to let you know when you’re favorite artist will play.

Sarah Tucker and her son were at the music festival last year when several fans were upset after an artist didn’t come on at the scheduled time, but she says the updates will help fans make sure they don’t miss a thing.

“So you just pick out your artist for the day, and it will give you a little alert. Now that is awesome especially if you are going and coming, you know,  during the day,” said Tucker.

Durkin says they’ve placed beacons all over the festival sight, and when you walk close to one, it will also send a push alert letting you know the deals at nearby venders, while allowing staff members to keep in contact with you at all times.

“We can communicate with people no matter what’s happening. We can say what artist is coming on next, or what’s happening in the Jack Daniel’s tent. But, also if there was anything with safety happening or any issues or anything came up with our schedule or anything last minute. We’ll send those notifications out,” said Durkin.

You can download the app in your mobile app store by searching for “Carolina Country Music Fest”. There, you’ll be prompted to let the application use your location. By turning that on, you’ll be able to receive notifications from the beacons while inside the festival.

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