Sidney Moorer speaks after Day 2 of trial, says pregnancy test was for his wife

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – After testimony wrapped up Tuesday for the Sidney Moorer trial, the man accused of kidnapping Heather Elvis, Moorer texted News13’s Taylor Herlong and said he was ready to talk.

After two days of the prosecution insinuating Heather Elvis was pregnant at the time of her disappearance, Moorer told us it only shows the prosecution is desperate. He says if she was pregnant, it was biologically impossible that it was his baby.

Three witnesses took the stand Monday, and all said Heather was in a sexual relationship with Sidney Moorer.

Comments were made about her weight, insinuating she was pregnant.

“She very well may have been pregnant. I know that I didn’t get her pregnant,” said Moorer.

Then, Tuesday during the trial, surveillance video was shown from a Walmart in Myrtle Beach of Sidney buying a pregnancy test the night Heather disappeared.

He told News13 that he did buy a pregnancy test, but it wasn’t for Heather.

“I was actually buying it for my wife. She was in the vehicle when I bought it for her. She took it that night, and it was negative, like so many before and after,” said Moorer.

Moorer says he and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for a long time, and that night would not be the only one he was seen buying a pregnancy test.

“I know the prosecution’s desperate. They need a conviction really, really bad, but I think what they need more than that is that they need the truth. They need to give the family peace, real peace, what really, really happened.”

Moorer says he feels the prosecution is trying to show a motive, but doesn’t feel it’s a threat to his case.

“It’s not really so much damaging, as I guess maybe leading the jury into maybe something to try to get them to believe something that’s not so,” said Moorer.

Moorer says his wife was able to get pregnant after months of trying, but later, she lost the baby.

We asked him why he wanted to speak while his case is in the middle of a trial, with a gag order in place, and he said it’s because of his wife.

He feels like she’s been brought into the case against her will, and he says while he doesn’t deny he had a sexual relationship with Heather, he’s never bought a pregnancy test for anyone but his wife.

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