CCU loses Game 1 to Arizona in CWS, community still shows support

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – Since Coastal Carolina made the playoffs, many have said it’s a little school with a lot of heart. That is exactly how the crowd was on Monday night. About  70 people showed up but the room was full of energy.

Popcorn, soda and a theater. It was the Chants on the big screen Monday night. That’s something the student body still can’t believe.

“I’m ecstatic about it. I’m in love with the fact that our school is on this national scale right now.”

It’s a very big stage for a smaller school but students say the Chants will be the last team standing.

“It’s whoever gets hot at the right time and this year it is Coastal. We went on a big streak at the end of the year after that three game streak to Georgia tech. After that we just showed out and I’m pretty confident about us. I think we will win it,” said Austin Howe, CCU student.

For the students, winning is everything. For the faculty, they’re just happy coastal is now on the map.

“After this is over, no matter what happens, everyone will know what a Chanticleer is,” said April Betsch, CCU employee.

And it definitely seems like people know what teal nation is all about.

“I’ve heard that coastal gear is now selling out in Omaha. We at Coastal have received so many phone calls. I took a phone call from a gentlemen the other day who is not in the state, not in Omaha and he wanted to know where he could get a coastal hat. It’s fantastic. That is huge,” said Betsch.

Regardless what the outcome is in Omaha, people in Conway are keeping the message simple.

“Chants up!” “Go Chants!”

We also spoke with Brad Dean from the chamber of Myrtle Beach today. He said the chamber is spending close to $100,000 in regional and national advertising. He said they’ve already seen some of the benefits from the College World Series.

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