Bennettsville summer enrichment camp help teens find purpose

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Even though some Pee Dee schools have not offered summer enrichment programs for students in recent years, there are still opportunities for school-aged kids to learn and stay sharp over the summer.

A summer enrichment program in the city of Bennettsville is underway at the Bennettsville Intermediate School.

The program is held each Thursday for kids ages 12 and up.

It is being sponsored by the Bennetsville Police Department in partnership with the Marlboro County Department of Juvenile Justice, local churches and the school district.

The camp has a total of ten sessions for students to attend.

During those sessions speakers will help students with social, emotional and physical skills.

Since June more than fifty students attended the camp.

Bennetsville Police Chief Larry Mcneil says though this is the first year for the camp, the idea behind it is to get as many of the teenagers from off the streets this summer.

“I feel good about the kids coming, but more importantly  I feel good about the number of people involved in  the community who has gotten involved in it, the parents involved in it, the faith based communities that have gotten involved and even the  businesses in the community,” mentioned Chief Mcneil.

Mcneil says he hopes the summer enrichment program will become an annual event held in the city of Bennettsville.

The program will run through the month of August, Mcneil says.

If you would like to get your child involved in the program contact the Bennettsville Police Department or get updates from their Facebook page.


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