FBI director: Clinton ‘careless’ with emails, but no charges recommended

FBI director Comey on Tuesday, July 5 (WNCN)

WASHINGTON (WNCN) – FBI director James Comey said a review of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of emails on her personal server found Clinton and her colleagues were “extremely careless” in using classified information but he said Clinton’s lapses did not rise to the level of prosecution.

He said there was “no clear evidence” that Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws. But he was critical of Clinton’s use of a personal server, given her high stature in the American government and the secretive nature of her work.

Hillary Clinton. (AP File Photo)
Hillary Clinton

Comey said “it is possible” that American enemies gained access to Clinton’s emails.But, he said, he said the FBI’s recommendation was that Clinton not be charged with a crime.

He said the FBI reviewed similar cases in the past and found no situation where someone had been charged in a similar situation.

“Our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would make such a case,” he said.

Comey’s announcement came three days after FBI agents interviewed Clinton in the final phase of their investigation.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said she will follow the recommendations of the prosecutors in the Department of Justice.

Comey’s thunderous announcement came as Clinton and Republican Donald Trump bring their campaigns to the critical battleground state of North Carolina. Clinton is flying to Charlotte on Air Force One with President Barack Obama on Tuesday afternoon for a rally in Charlotte.

Trump is speaking Tuesday night in Raleigh at a rally that was called after Clinton and Obama announced their event. Trump has been highly critical of Clinton in recent events, calling her “crooked” and even launching a website, lyingcrookedhillary.com.

Trump wasted no time questioning the FBI’s announcement, saying the system was “rigged” on Twitter.



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