‘Black Lives Matter’ rally in Myrtle Beach aims to bring peace for all

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday night in Plyler Park for what was called a “Peaceful Vigil and Rally.”

There were moments of prayer, singing of hymns and shouts of “peace” and “black lives matter.”

Chris Robinson organized the event on Facebook and says he’s not an activist, just someone who cares. “I get hurt for my people. I get hurt for my race and this is what provoked me.The last recent events provoked me to do this,” added Robinson.

Scott Cramer came to the rally wearing an “All Lives Matter, Stop Racism” shirt. He believes it should not be about black and white.

“In light of what happened in Dallas and everything else the past couple of weeks, we can start taking away these racial divides. We’re in this together,” said Cramer.

Another supporter, Ashley Sanders came from North Augusta. She said she hopes this event will allow people to talk about a difficult subject.

“I just want to raise awareness for everybody not spreading hate or anything but love for everybody and something needed to be done,” said Sanders.

Robinson was pleased with the turn out and said he hopes people left the rally today with a sense of accomplishment.

“I hope people walk away and feel rejoiced. I hope they feel that they’ve gotten something accomplished today and leave here with that same feeling and spread it out. Just like hatred is spread like a disease, love could be spread like a disease as well.”

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