Young man escapes kidnappers in Marlboro County, deputies investigating

BENNETTSVILLE (WBTW) – The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office is searching for suspects who they say were involved in kidnapping Saturday morning.

Sheshawenda Cain says her 23 year-old son was kidnapped near their home on Curly Lane in Bennettsville Saturday morning.

Deputies were called to Curly Lane around 9:30 a.m., Saturday. The man left his home to go for a jog and had not come home.

Deputies say the mother called 911.

“He said they took him and marked him with a black magic marker across his forehead and across his stomach, cut his shirt and he said they had him kneel down on the ground, so it was one with a KKK suit on and the other two didn’t have one,” Cain explained.

Cain says she received two calls from her son Saturday morning. She missed one of the calls but when it rang again she got the shock of her life.

“Just to hear his voice on that phone, when he told me ma please get me some help. I don’t know where I’m at. They gon kill me. I didn’t know what to do,” said Cain.

She says her son called to say two people grabbed him during his morning jog.

Deputies say the victim said a man who is described as about 6’2″ and stocky build ordered him in the van.The victim complied after he refused and a second suspect took out a gun and ordered him to get into the van.

The mother says she went to the area he normally runs, walked through the woods and even screamed his name, but nothing.

“You could see little bruises on him, little cuts where he must’ve been running through the woods,” said Cain.

Matt Patterson and his family are close with the Cain’s. He lives next door.

“We’ve been here about ten years and he runs every day or just about every day,” Patterson said.

So hearing what happened is not only surprising but scary.

“It’s nonsense, it doesn’t make no sense at all. We are like a hornets nest. You mess with one, then you mess with all of us and that’s pretty much all we have is each other,” added Patterson.

“It scares me just to know that it can be people actually around you. It could be somebody who has been around me. That’s the frightening part; You don’t know who it is,” mentioned Cain.

The victim was able to escape a short time later after being let out of the van and made to walk through a wooded area while the men followed behind him.

Deputies found the victim with minor injuries about 2 miles from his home.

Sheriff Fred Knight shared a composite sketch and a similar picture of the van they are searching for.

The investigation so far revealed a Burgundy Chevrolet Venture Van, similar to the one in the photo pulled up beside the victim.

A SLED agent met with the victim to complete a composite sketch.

Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the kidnapping. You are asked to call if you have any information.


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