New parking regulations in Downtown Florence

It’s been about 30 years since the City of Florence addressed parking concerns in the downtown area. As the revitalization of Downtown Florence continues, Florence City Council approved new parking regulations.

Ray Reich, City of Florence Downtown Development Manager said, “Until the revitalization, there really wasn’t a parking problem because obviously there really weren’t many businesses here. But thanks to progress, parking does become an issue.”

Business owners in the area request turnover spaces for better customer satisfaction.

Reich explains, “We want the customers to get the best parking spots, not necessarily the people who work downtown. People who work downtown have plenty of municipal parking, free parking for them to park in. But we want them in the lots and the on street parking, which is the most convenient to the restaurants and the retailers to be available for customers.”

Florence city council approved parking two hour and thirty minute regulations.

“This will address the limitation of parking on the street. Either two hours, there will be some areas that will be thirty minute zones. For those employees that try to get over on the system by moving every hour or so. They should plan for have a ticket on their windshield.” Reich said.

Tickets will be issued to people that exceed the time limit or move their cars every hour and a half.

Reich explains, “Now there are no more warnings, you get a ticket! If you pay it in a timely manner, I believe it is 10 dollars. But if you don’t the fine go up.”

Ahmad Jackson an investigator at the Akim Anastopulo Law Firm in downtown Florence said, “Our clients are usually in and out, by the time our clients come in they can find a parking space. It’s kind of good for our clients.”

The City of Florence plans to open a new parking garage in early September or October. The garage should alleviate parking for employees and students in the area.

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