A possible key to obesity that many overlook

CBS NEWS – There may be an important factor to consider if you’re obese and its not food or exercise. It’s water. Michigan researchers say people with a higher body mass index are more likely to be inadequately hydrated. The reverse is also true.
More research is needed to determine why the link exists. SOURCE – Annals of Family Medicine/MedDay/CBS

A Canadian study shows the outcomes of red blood cell transfusions may be less successful when the donors are younger or when they’re female. The study looked at more than 30 thousand transfusion patients between 2006 and 2013. Researchers say its possible that the components in the blood of younger and female donors may affect the recipients immune system. SOURCE – JAMA Internal Medicine/MedDay/CBS
Women who have nerves cut during breast cancer surgery are much more likely to develop chronic pain. Doctors sometimes cut the nerves during armpit lymph node surgery. Risk factors for developing chronic pain also include younger age and radiation therapy. Up to 60 percent of breast cancer surgery patients may develop chronic pain. SOURCE – CMAJ/MedDay/CBS

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