Dillon County road to close as workers lay groundwork for new bridge

DILLON, SC (WBTW) – Drivers in Dillon County should expect delays as SCDOT plans to close part of U.S. Highway 301 Monday in preparation to build a new bridge spanning the Little Pee Dee River.

Delays are the only thing Dillon resident Shone Page is not looking forward to when the bridge closes starting next week.

“What took five minutes will take 10 or more,” Page said.

According to officials with SCDOT, starting Monday you won’t be able to take the bridge at Hwy. 301 near the intersection with Kentyre Road. Traffic will be redirected back to Interstate 95 in order to reach the other side of the city of Dillon.

Page and others who hang out at Butch’s Food Mart near the bridge say delays aside, the crossing is way overdue for an upgrade.

“In 40 years, this is the first time I’ve ever seen them do work to it,” Page said. “It probably needs some work done to it.”

SCDOT officials said they were waiting until school was out to start the closure, as several schools lie near the bridge and busses regularly use the route. Now that the kids are at home and traffic is not quite as busy, officials hope to complete the work needed to prepare for the bridge in just about a month.

Ties and supports will be laid and constructed during that time, all in preparation for the switch to the new bridge later this year. Page said he was looking forward to what the new bridge will bring.

“Safer roads and better traveling,”

SCDOT said barring any delays they hope to have the roads back open by Aug. 14, before schools start back. Work will then begin in earnest on the new bridge.


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