Parking rates increased at Myrtle Beach International Airport

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Parking rates have increased this month at the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

When you park at MYR these are the changes you will see:

  • Economy lot parking: $9/day up from $7/day
  • Long-term parking: $12/day up from $9/day
  • Short-term parking: Maximum of $21/day up from maximum $15/day

Kirk Lovell, Director of Air Service and Business Development at the Myrtle Beach International Airport says rates were determined by analysis and comparing rates at other airports. Lovell says the Myrtle Beach airport has seen increased visitors which means more parking is needed.

Lovell says the money raised will be “banked for future use as we identify the best way to expand the parking capabilities, and that would be through a parking garage or additional surface lots.”

Anthony Robinette and his family use the airport often and he says the new fees may change how they travel.

“We’ll look at drop-offs more now versus parking. You like to send your family off from the gate but now, you know, with prices going the way they are you just want to drop them and send them,” said Robinette.

It could be a few years before plans are made for new parking lots or a parking garage. Lovell says that would have to be approved by Horry County Council.

Lovell also said no local tax payer money will be used when they plan to develop these new additions.

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