Tiny Homes and Argi-Tourism farm events on Horry County Council agenda

The Horry County Council has created a new ordinance to make “tiny home zones” within the county.

Members of the council said, studies suggest more homeowners are moving towards buying tiny homes. Especially retirees that are looking to downsize or people looking for cheap vacation homes.

Councilman Johnny Vaught explains, “These are different because they are dedicated to a different kind of lifestyle. People who want to reduce their [carbon] footprint or people who really want to just cut back.”

If this ordinance is approved, tiny homes will be restricted to the zones, preventing tiny homes from being built in regular size neighborhoods.

Also, tonight the third and final reading of the Argi-tourism permit ordinance. The Argi-tourism permits will let local farmers host events on their farms for up to five years. The permit application is only twenty- dollars. Farmers can host up to four hundred and ninety nine people at each event.

Councilman Vaught said, “We essentially said we need to come up with some kind of argi-tourism, kind of permit. So they don’t have to apply for a special permit or special event permit event time they want to do something.”

Count on News 13 let you know if the tiny home zones and argi-tourism permit ordinances are approved during council meeting.

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