Conway police release reminder to Pokemon Go players

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CONWAY S.C.- Police officials sent a press release Friday to remind Pokemon Go players to “play it smart”.

They say they have received numerous reports of uninvited people trespassing on public and private property while trying to capture imaginary creatures on their smartphones.

With the current climate and heightened awareness of both law enforcement and the community, a tragic situation could very well occur.  Play smart; do not creep or lurk around businesses, private residences and especially police departments at any hour of the day playing Pokemon Go.  It makes for an unsafe situation for you, homeowners, and our officers. Just use common sense: if playing around, homes, businesses or government buildings, make sure that your presence is well-known and always obtain permission before entering the property.  Remember to be polite.  If you are asked to not play Pokemon Go at any location, then please just leave.  And please don’t play while driving.  Make safe and healthy choices!


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